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Membership Listing - If you are a NAPCA member, you may include company logos, links to advertisements, pictures, and other graphics in the grey boxes that appear on your company’s membership listing on the membership roster.  The cost to include logos, fixed pictures, or links that open to a print advertisement in the four boxes on your membership listing is a fixed total fee of $300.00.  This is an annual fee and must be renewed when invoiced in June of each year.

All ads and logos submitted for inclusion on the website must be approved by NAPCA, which reserves the right to refuse to accept any ad, slogan, picture, video, or other item proposed that NAPCA in its discretion determines does not comport with the goals and values of NAPCA.


All website questions and logo, ad, or specification issues must be approved by our web designer, Nine Times.  The pricing listed above only relates to the advertising space available on the NAPCA website.  To the extent your graphics, ads, logos, videos, or other items must be developed, changed, reformatted, or otherwise modified to fit the selected ad space, any additional costs related thereto is the sole responsibility of the company desiring to advertise.  If you are interested in advertising on the NAPCA website you must contact Michael Spano at Nine Times.  His contact information is as follows:
Telephone – 707-494-3883; E-mail – ms@ninetimes.com

Once the ad is properly formatted and finalized, but before activation on the website, advertisers will be invoiced by the NAPCA office.  

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