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SEAL FOR LIFE INDUSTRIES (Covalence® Heat Shrink Sleeves, Powercrete® Epoxies, Polyken® Tape Coatings, Stopaq VE, & AnodeFlex Cathodic Protection)

Web Address:
Email Address:

25 Forge Parkway, Franklin, Massachussetts; Telephone: (508) 918-1725

NATHAN KNIGHT - General Manager NA; 508-918-1640,

SAMUEL THOMAS - Senior  Advisor, Technical Consultant; 978-996-9862,

AARON SCHIFLETT - Powercrete Business Development Manager and Rocky Mountain Territory Sales; 832-567-0465,

CINDY PATTON - National Sales Manager; 713-623-3929,

SCOTT SMITH - Sales Representative, 216-402-4433,

KEVIN MCSPARREN - Sales Representative, 909-286-4702,



Covalence Heat Shrinkable Girth Weld Products (Sleeves and Wraps).
Covalence Heat Shrinkable Pre-Insulated Pipe Joint Coating Systems.
Polyken® Line Coatings: Both Plant and Field Applied.
Rehabilitation Coatings: Both Polymeric Wraps and Liquid Epoxies.
Polyken® Hand Wraps for Corrosion Protection.
Covalence® Heat Shrinkable Products, Polyken® Tape Products, Powercrete® Liquid Coatings and AnodeFlex Linear Anodes.
AnodeFlexTM  Cathodic Protection.
Powercrete Liquid Coatings.
Stopaq Visco Elastic Coatings.