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6300 Schurmier Rd., Houston, Texas 77048; Phone: 713-592-6766; Facsimile: 713-592-6769; Emails:;


JASON HUNT - President

JUDY WALTON - Project Manager, Special Projects


Montgomery Trucking strings hundreds of miles of large diameter pipeline projects per year for various pipeline companies and or contractors.  Additional services include unloading and stockpiling for pipeline companies and steel mills at remote storage areas before the pipeline construction begins.  Montgomery Trucking also performs hauling and stringing for most of the pipe suppliers nationally.  This segment of the business is primarily small diameter pipeline projects and is generally conducted out of the coating plants to small gathering and distribution sites.

The core business for Montgomery Trucking consists of loading, unloading, hauling and stringing pipe in 60’ and 80’ lengths.  Montgomery Trucking has a fleet of steerable pole trailers that enable the long loads to be transported into storage yards and pipeline right of ways around the country.  The specialized hauling is performed by a group of very experienced drivers.  Almost all the drivers that work full time for the company have more than 10 years experience and the larger percentage have tenure exceeding 20 years.