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211 West Boden Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207; Telephone: 414-481-8360; Facsimile: 414-481-8303; Email:

JIM PARKER - Senior Applications Engineer
JAN LEISNER - Assistant Sales Manager


Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Radyne designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of Line Pipe Heating Systems.  These are available in many standard sizes for induction heating of all size of line pipe diameters.  Radyne systems are designed for ease of mobility within the pipe mill.  Integral wheels fitted to the base of each induction coil enable quick and easy movement from one line to the next; heavy duty jacks allow simple, efficient, and precise vertical positioning; lifting eyes fitted to the top of each coil similarly facilitate lifting via crane enabling quick and easy positioning onto the pipe coating line; and, they are designed to provide a highly efficient means of surface drying prior to coating.

Radyne Advanced Technology Tools Deliver Superior Results - The Radyne engineering team employs Inductotherm Group proprietary computer aided coil design and temperature modeling to provide rapid and accurate solutions.  Radyne applications engineers utilize this modeling technology to rapidly determine the operating performance, physical dimensions, and number of induction heating coils required to pre-heat a range of API pipe sizes prior to coating.